Covered the Family of the Year song Hero that was in the amazing film Boyhood! Check out my channel if you want to see more!


Superstitions don’t make any sense! Check out the very first video of my new series ‘I Don’t Understand’. Switching gears from the music covers to try to be like Community Channel and Anna Akana and i don’t know. We’ll see what comes of my youtube channel..


New cover of a simple but lovely Frankie Cosmos song. What song should I do next?? Comment, like and subscribe! Watch the whole thing plus my awkward rambling at the end:

My (Community obsessed) friends and I filmed a rap tribute to Community with a Biblioteca/Christmas mashup! Community fans check it out and subscribe to their new channel The All Tomato!

Also check out my Youtube channel for future funny stuff to come..


Here’s to a new Sixth Season for Community! Thanks Yahoo for picking it up!!!

Filmed a new cover of the Arctic Monkeys song Only Ones Who Know!

Been playing this song since high school(4 or 5 years ago). Like and Sub if you approve!

There’s a raindrop in my skull
I’m too shaky now to get it out
I guess it fell from a far away cloud

Bloated with radiation

I’ve loved of Montreal for years, for many reasons other than their hilarious lyrics. Can’t wait to see their documentary!!!!


New cover of Swedish musician Lykke Li’s new song No Rest For The Wicked from her upcoming album I Never Learn. 

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So I covered St. Vincent’s song Human Racing because lyrics like ‘your heart is a little orange to peel’ really hit home. Very fun song to play on the guitar.

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'Here's to thinking that it all meant so much more'

Covered Angel Olsen finally! I absolutely love playing her sad songs :) Please subscribe if you have a youtube account!

Also I’ve been doing more art again so more art to come…. 3 years late…